Tesla Model X

We had the pleasure of work on this stunning dark blue metallic Model X

Tesla Model X we worked on:

Package: Level 4 Full Paint Correction & Protection

Tesla is revolutionizing the ideas of the automobile. The model X is outfitted with the latest advanced technology and safety features currently on the market. It’s making a bold statement with its iconic falcon wing doors, 300+ miles range and a lithium ion battery powered electric motor capable of launching seven passengers 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds.

A car like this deserves the best care. That’s why its new owner decided to pay us a visit. We discussed several options to best suit our customer’s needs. He had plans to own the car long term. He wanted to ensure the appearance of the Tesla stayed stunning throughout his ownership as well as make maintaining easier.

We went with our top package, Level 4: Full correction & protection. To top it off after the paint had been polished to a flawless finished, the entire front end and other high impact areas were going to be covered by Xpel’s paint protection film. If you haven’t had a chance to see the Telsa up close and in person, the back of the interior seats are a piano black plastic finish. It is susceptible to scratching. The owner was concerned that his young children would kick the back of the seats and marr them up. All four seat backs would be polished to perfection and protection with Xpel’s PPF.

We start every correction with a thorough preparation. This could take hours but is necessary to achieve the final results. The Telsa received an Iron-X foam shampoo soak, followed by a two bucket hand wash to limit any further marring being introduced. The paint, wheels & glass were decontaminated using Iron-X to remove any ferrous bonded contaminates. The next step was to prep the paint by clay barring it to remove any airborne contamination. Some may as why would a brand new car need to undergo a full contamination? Well your car has had quite a journey to reach you. It has been shipped on rail, boat & truck, exposed to brake dust, air borne pollution etc.

All vulnerable areas were taped and paint thickness readings were taken to ensure we had enough clear coat to work with and leave enough to preserve it as well. Even though the car is new, there were signs from the dealer that is had been washed for deliver and deep scratches removed due to sanding marks left in the paints finish.

Our correction combo was Menzerna FG400 on a microfiber cutting pad via Rupes 15 Mark II. After all the panels were corrected to remove 95%+ of the defects it was polished with Carpro’s Essence polish on a gloss pad via Rupes dual action polisher.

The Telsa showcases a large front windshield along with a panoramic glass sunroof. We wanted to treat these areas just as we would the paint. Using CarPro’s Ceriglass, a med cut foam polishing pad, all the glass was polished to a perfect scratch free finish.

After the compounding and polishing step we used a waterless system to lightly wash any dust that may have accumulated over the past two days in any cracks or crevices. To ensure proper application of the ceramic coating and PPF all polishing oils have been removed by wiping down the paint with CarPro Eraser

The next step was to lay down Xpel PPF on the entire front end, mirrors, b-pillars and all four interior seat backs. The film will protect against any high impact such as rock chips. Our friends came in to give a helping hand in installing the PPF for us.

To finish off, two layers of CQuartz UK & Classic Tio2 are installed for long term protection. CQuartz is an evolutionary product that measures durability and longevity in terms of years. It will protect the finish from UV rays, air borne contaminates, reduce the risk of wash induced swirls and allow for easier maintenance. The Tesla will not only keep its overall appearance but hopefully its value as well.

We also applied two layers of CQuartz DLUX to all exterior plastic trim and to all four wheels. The glass was coated with CQuartz Flyby30, allowing water to repel off for better visibility in inclement weather.

Since the interior was relatively brand new, we decided on a basic interior detail consisting of a light vacuum and cleaning. The owner upgraded to our interior CQuartz package. All the leather seats were thoroughly prepped and coated with CQuartz leather for long term protection against any spills or color transfer.

The car of the future is protected for the long term future. Now this Telsa Model X will stay looking new for years to come. Check out the final results: