Nissan GTR

The final results we stunning, just take a look for yourself.

Nissan GTR we worked on:

Package: Level 3: Intensive Paint Correction

This was a fun one! The owner contacted us because he was interested in applying ppf onto the front end. He bought the car second hand with very low miles. There were already signs of rocks chips near the inner fender line and he wanted to curb any further damage. After talking we explained the importance of properly prepping the paint for the ppf to be installed over.

The owner opted to go with our level 3 CQuartz package. This includes an intensive paint correction followed by CarPro's CQuartz ceramic coating as protection. We spent an entire weekend getting this GTR perfect and the results speak for themselves.

We prepped the GTR with a thorough hand wash. We take a significant amount of time ensuring the entire exterior is properly prepped and cleaned. Prepping for a correction goes beyond just a wash.

The paint, wheels and glass were all decontaminated using IronX. The top areas of the GTR were hammered in red overspray. Previous owner must of had a repair done and no one at the body shop covered up the GTR.

The first area to be tackled was the interior. Once the interior is done we can just close the doors and not have to reopen them again except for small final touch ups.

The paint was on the intermediate side. There were a bunch of RIDs throughout the paint that would require further attention. We ultimately decided on Griots Garage Fast Correcting Cream on microfiber pads via Rupes 21.

Once we polished the paint to flawless & perfection, we washed once more to remove any compounding dust that accumulates on the surface. We polished the paint with CarPro's essence via gloss pad on rupes 15. Followed by an eraser wipe down to ensure no polishing residue remained on the surface to make sure we get the proper bonding.

Before we started coating the entire front end was protected in Xpel paint protection film. The front bumper, fenders, and mirrors all got Xpel PPF followed by CQuartz as protection over.

Our protection of choice is exclusively CarPro's CQuartz ceramic coatings. We lay a base of cquartz UK and add another layer of CQuartz Tio2. If you aren't aware of this combo is great. There are many reasons for this combo.

1. U.K. Doesn't have any tio2 in it. Tio2 gives a slicker look but U.K. Had more silicia which is harder and more durable

2. So U.K. Gives a hard base and classic gives the slick glass look.

We coat panel by panel. By the time we make it around and have fully removed the first coat we can start applying a second coat from out starting point. Using IR curing lamps the coatings were baked on to ensure proper application.

The final results we stunning, just take a look for yourself.