The M3 is now looking flawless and protected for years to come.

BMW M3 we worked on:

Package: Level 4: Full Paint Correction & Protection

The owner found us on Instagram and decided to stop by for an unexpected visit. Together we went over the condition of the vehicle and discussed the customers concerns. The area where he lived has hard water and the sprinkler next door tends to leave waters spots all paint. The M3 is parked daily outside and he was really looking for the best long term solution We decided the best approach would be to correct the paint, polish and then apply CQuartz ceramic coating to all surfaces.

The M3 was in fair condition. It hasn’t been run through any harsh automatic car washes but the owner has maintained it himself and instilled some light swirls into the paint. First we prepped the M3 with a complete IronX decontamination followed by a thorough clay bar treatment. Once the paint was ready, all areas were taped off and we began the cutting step. To level out any defects in the paint we went with Mezerna FG400 on a microfiber cutting pad followed by CarPro Essence as our polishing step. This combo left the paint defect free with deep refined finish. All the piano black trim are suspectible to marring. The plastic material is softer than the paint. The trim was corrected and polished to a perfect haze free finish.

All exterior surfaces were wiped down with CarPro Eraser to ensure no polishing oils were left on the surface. Two layers of CQuartz ceramic coating was applied to the paint and IR cured. The exterior wheels and trim were coated with CQuartz Dlux. All exterior glass was polished and coated with CQuartz flyby30 to protect the glass from those harsh water spots. As always the interior received our basic vacuum and light cleaning. The M3 is now looking flawless and protected for years to come.