Why the clay bar is vital to detailing

12 Feb

Why the clay bar is vital to detailing

Vehicles are constantly exposed to air borne contaminates such as industrial fallout, tar, sap, bug residue, brake and rail dust. The contaminates adhere to the paint making it feel rough and gritty to the touch and can’t be removed through a two bucket wash.

These contaminates aren’t always visible to the naked eye, especially on dark colored vehicles. The clay bar is a mild abrasive that as it glides over the paint using lubrication, it lifts the embedded contaminates off the surface into the clay bar. When the clay bar can glide smoothly and effortlessly across the paint with no resistance, the contaminates have been removed.

A vehicle should be clay barred routinely twice a year. It is a necessary step before any polishing or correction work is performed or applying a layer of protection such as a wax or sealant. If the paint hasn’t been properly prepped, the contaminates will get picked up into the pad and mar the paint. Clay not only works well on paint but on glass, wheels and plastic trim. 

Heavy Contamination:

Fine Clay bar:

Removing Red overspray:

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