Two Bucket Hand Wash Method

12 Feb

Two Bucket Hand Wash Method

A two bucket wash reduces the risk of instilling swirls and scratches into the clear coat through cross contamination of dirt. The exterior is left to dwell in a foam shampoo bath for several minutes. The foam penetrates, loosens and carries away remaining dirt from all the paint and crevices. The exterior is pressure rinsed, a preliminary step to hand washing to remove as much built up dirt and grime off all the surfaces.

One bucket is filled with clean soapy water and the other bucket is filled with rinse water. At the bottom of each bucket is a grit guard. After washing a panel, the wash mitt is cleaned in the rinsed bucket by rubbing the mitt up against the grit guard to knock off any dirt particles. The dirt is released from the wash mitt and becomes trapped below the grit guard. Once the mitt is free of debris, clean soapy wash solution is re applied to the mitt and the process is repeated throughout.

 After rinsing the soap suds off, warm force blown air is used to remove water from the nooks and crannies of the exterior to avoid dripping. Then using plush microfiber towels the car is dried. The end result is a swirl free finish.



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