Wheel Decontamination / CarPro’s Iron-X

12 Feb

Wheel Decontamination / CarPro’s Iron-X

Iron deposits adhere to the corners of spokes, barrels and faces of wheels. As brake pads compress against the rotor, small ferrous particles containing iron are released from the pads and become sinistered onto the wheels due to the high intensity temperature. Traditional soap and water aren’t strong enough to remove the embedded iron deposits. Iron-X is a pH balanced clear that can be used on paint, chrome, aluminum and clear coated wheels.

Iron-X is sprayed onto the wheel and left to dwell. As the Iron-X reacts with the ferrous particles it changes to a purplish color. This change in color is an indicator that the Iron-X has formed a bond with the particles and is breaking down for removal. After dwelling, the wheels spokes, barrels and lug nuts are agitated using various brushes to loosen and removes the contaminates.

It is important to routinely wash your wheels or they will become difficult to clean as brake dust accumulates. Adding good protection will help make future cleaning easier. After a proper decontamination and cleaning, the wheels can be sealed with Reload or coated with CQuartz Dlux. Coating the wheels is the most effective form of protection against contaminates, UV rays and will give the longest lasting protection upwards of 1+ years.

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