Acura NSX

9 Feb

Acura NSX

I got a call from a friend of mind that an NSX at a local dealership needed some TLC. The NSX for the last several weeks has been displayed front and center at the dealership without being roped off. Overtime sales associates have dry wipes down the car to clean off dust (instilling marring), customers constantly feel the need to touch the paint and some deeper RIDs were caused from customers rubbing up against the paint.

I came out a day before to assess the damage and what would be the best approach. I was impressed that the dealer knew the caliber of this vehicle and that it needed someone who knew what they were doing or else more damage would ensue. I only had one day to get the job done. After I was finished the NSX would be put back on display under intense showroom lightening and scrutiny.

The dealer had a large warehouse a few blocks away i was able to work out of. Luckily they had a compressor I could connect to and save some equipment to haul.

This car has never been driven, yet it required a paintcorrection. After examining the paint with various light sources I came across obviously marring, da haze from sanding at the factory and 5 areas with deeper RIDS that would be chased. Here’s some pics of the before condition:

Since the NSX was soft jet black I took it upon myself to added a final polishing step to make sure it was finished down properly. Even though on my cutting step it finished down nearly LSP ready, a final polish guaranteed the desired finish and didnt take me that much extra time for the peace of mind.

The majority of the car was corrected using CarPro Reflect on a MF finishing pad via rupes 15 mark2, rupes mini & nano. Followed by carpro Reflect on a carpro gloss pad for a final finish and sealed with carpro reload. Some of the areas with deeper rids were spot treated with menzera 2500 via mf finishing pad. Just stepped up the aggressiveness ever so slightly.

After 14+ hours and one long day, I finally finished at about 11pm that night. Here’s some shots of it immediately after it was sealed.

The next morning I went back to double check everything. The NSX had already been moved back to the showroom. Luckily they had it roped off and on the red carpet. In the showroom it looked flawless. I would consider this a 95%+ correction. There was 1 RID that I chased that I made almost none existent, that is the only defect remaining. The car will sit until it’s sold and I will be going in every few days to ONR wash it. Maybe the new owner will upgrade to our new car package. Here it was in the showroom:

Fun project, great car to work on. They have two more that I’m hoping I’ll get my hands on as well. The dealer was thoroughly impressed, everyone in the dealer was huddled around it all morning. We got tons of compliments, makes me feels good about the work we are doing. Quality over quantity. Thanks for looking.

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