Porsche 911 Receives CQuartz Professional Treatment

2 Jun

Porsche 911 Receives CQuartz Professional Treatment

I’ll begin this write up by saying, I could work on Porsches everyday. I find the paint hardness to be just right, the iconic curves and styling. The owner contacted us because he was concerned about a few issues on his new 2015 Porsche Carrera 911 GTS. He bought it used with 3K miles and it has already accumulated a few chips throughout the body. To reduce the future risk of chips we will be applying Xpel paint protection film to 2/3 of the vehicle. But before we jump head first, the prep work is the most crucial part.

From afar the red paint stands out and looks amazing. The closer you get your eyes towards the paint, you’ll soon recognize there’s a few issues. There were swirls instilled all throughout the paint and found DA sanding marks on both bumpers.

1. Two bucket hand wash
2. Wheels and paint Ironx decon
3. Clay bar treatment
4. Paint thickness reading taken
5. Tape off vulnerable areas

The customer went with our CQuartz Pro package. Within the package we bundle a 2-step intensive paint correction, Xpel ppf and coat with CarPros CQuartz Professional. All paint correction packages include a light interior cleaning as well.

Test spot:

6. Griots Garage Fast Correcting Cream via megs Microfiber cutting pad on a Rupes 21 II
7. 3″ Megs MF pads via Rupes mini
8. 1″ Megs MF pads via Rupes ibird nano & TA50 w/ KB backing plates
9. CarPro Essence via CarPro flash pads via Rupes 21 II & 3″ gloss pads via
10. Xpel PPF
11. CQuartz Professional ceramic coating applied and IR cured


I didn’t take many before and after pics this time. As I got to both the front and rear bumper I found a few areas that had DA sanding marks. These could possibly be from the factory.

Getting in those intricate areas with a 1″ pad

After many hours Correcting we brought the porsche outside to ensure we were getting the correction results we desired. We always try to bring the car outside to examine the results. The sun is the true test and judge. This is before any polishing.

We strive for 95%+ correction, even though the owner may never lay down to check the rocker panels, rest assured they are corrected and polished for uniformity.

Amazing results just from compounding. Finished down already but additional polishing to follow. We spent the next few hours polishing with Essence via gloss pads. Then for the ultimate protection, Xpel PPF to the entire front end, both doors and rear spoiler. This will protect the paint work long term. Once the film was installed it was finally time to coat. Our coating of choice is CQuartz Professional. It is the latest offering from Carpro. CarPro delivered a fantastic product to their installers and customers alike.

To ensure the best results we IR cure the coating.

It was Memorial Day weekend so the owner left the car with us for an additional 3 days. This gave the coating plenty of time to cure more. After a few days it was time to see the results first hand in the sun.


1 minute walk around video https://youtu.be/qCaO6s-zBes

Thanks for reading, owner was blown away. That’s what we work those long hours for. Always a pleasure to work on a Porsche!

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