Product Review: KXK Dynamics Pad Punch Set

9 May

Product Review: KXK Dynamics Pad Punch Set

The guys at KXK Dynamics are carving their own path for cutting edge innovations formulated for the detailing industry. They broke into the scene by debuting a polishing rack specifically fabricated to provide detailers’ a better, safer, efficient and presentable storage option. If you don’t know the masterminds behind KXK, they are three friends and top paint polishers in the world. The company is comprised of Eron Knox of Reds Detail Co. , Andy Ward of ProficientX Detailing and Jason Kilmer aka the Sandman. Their latest released product is the KXK Pad Puncher Set XP. It is revolutionizing the detailing scene for professionals and hoobyist alike. If I had to describe this product it would be “a game changer”.

Lets start from the beginning, what is the KXK XP Pad Punch Set?

The kit is exclusively sold at:…/kxk-dynamics-xp-pad-punch-kit/

Price: $249.00

The set includes:

  • (1) XP- 1″ Pad Punch
  • (1) XP-2″ Pad Punch
  • (1) XP-3″ Pad Punch
  • (1) Punch Board

Not included: A 4lb dead blow hammer which can easily be bought at Harbor Freight for $15.00.


If you have been polishing paint for a long time now you’ll know the advances there have been several key paint correction innovations in the last several years. First was the introduction of the Rupes long throw polishers, which allowed for safer polishing and finishing results. When I first start polishing paint, small pads were not an option. I remember 4″ pads being the smallest offering. Sometime later microfiber pads were released, which offered more cut and less marring from previous wool pad options. Meguiars introduced a 6″, 5″ & 3″ options. These have become a staple in most detailers arsenal. But a few months ago Meguairs made the decision to discontinue their 3″ microfiber pads. I spoke to a representative from Meguiars who explained that although it may seem the 3″ pads were being used by everyone, it was an illusion. The professional detailer was a small percentage of the market and apparently wasn’t sustainable. They will continue to product their 5″ & 6″ cutting pads.

Prior to purchasing the KXK Pad Punch set, I was having my in house upholster measure the pads up against the baking plate and cut them up. Although this did the job, the cut was never as flush. With the KXK set, you always get a clean cut all the way around every time.

I took a few 5″ & 6″ cutting pads and started going to work. Out of a 5″ pad I was able to cut out (8) 1″ pads. I’m sure I could even get 1-2 more if I worked on the placement. I used the 6″ cutting pads to make (3) 3″ pads and (3) 1″ pads.

Here are the official diagrams provided by KXK & Sky’s The Limit Car Care.

How does it work?

Place your pad on the punch board and place the punch pad over the microfiber pad. Then give a solid 2-3 whacks with the 4lb dead hammer and the 1″ pad will be secured nicely within your pad punch, edges are clean and fresh.

Why should I buy this?

  1. Step up your detailing game. If you’re a professional detailer, you’re going to need small pads to reach, correct and polish intricate ares.
  2. Rupes ibrid nano & mini. These pads correlate perfectly with these two machines. You can use 1″-2″ pads on the nano and 3″ pads on the mini. This set up will vastly improve your edging work.

3. KXK Dynamics & Sky Car Care. The guys behind KXK are not only detailers but top detailers in the world. If you don’t know who they are then you’re missing out on some amazing projects. Along with Corey Carruth from Sky Car Care, not only will you be buying a great product but have the customer support behind it. They all have join forces with their skills, experience and knowledge to create products for detailers by detailers that are necessary for producing high quality results.

4. Price. For $250.00 you’ll be saving a lot more money down the road by punching out your own pads versus buying these pads individually.

5. Convenience. Need pads in a hurry? You no longer have to wait for your pads to be shipped. Cut up pads when you need them at a moments notice.


I highly recommend this product to those who spend their days or weekends correcting and polishing cars. We should support any company that is innovating to progress our industry into the future.

I would rate this product a 5 out of 5 stars.


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