Month: May 2016

10 May

Tesla Model X

Package: Level 4 Full Paint Correction & Protection

Tesla is revolutionizing the idea of what is a car. Auto manufactures have relied on the combustible engine to deliver power. Elon Musk, the innovators behind Tesla’s success, has pushed the limits of the automobile by introducing lithium-ion battery packs to produce and delivery power to the Tesla’s all-wheel drive system. Electric cars have fallen short in the past regarding the distance but Tesla is beginning to expand the ideas of what is possible. The new X model has a range upwards of 300+ miles, reaching 60 miles per hour easily at an astounding 2.9 seconds. Not only is the Tesla one of the safest cars on the market but arguably the most capable and fastest sport utility vehicles in history while seating up to 7 passengers. The model X is outfitted with the latest advanced technology and its making a statement with its iconic falcon wing doors.

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